Why Magnet Marketing Makes Sales

magnet marketing

Magnet Marketing works because it makes sense

Finding customers who want what you sell when you want to sell it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You don’t know where to look, let alone know when they’re ready to buy. It’s inefficient…wastes time, money and energy.

Everything changes when you adopt a magnet marketing mindset: get the needle to find you. Do this by creating compelling content that pulls prospects to you through blogging, white papers, posting on LinkedIn and other social media, eNewsletters, and online advertising.

Those responding to Magnet Marketing initiatives are far more interested and motivated than customers you try to win over. When prospects come looking for you, there’s a far greater chance of making a sale.

How we do it

Since writing is the core of marketing and sales, we follow the words of a wise professor of English at the University of Wyoming, who once said, “If you can’t write it, you don’t know it.” We write it!

GrahamComm is known for its work with words—its ability to communicate clearly through a broad range of marketing and sales activities:

  • Marketing plans & evaluations
  • Public relations & marketing strategies
  • Media Relations
  • eMarketing
  • eBulletins
  • White papers
  • Research and analytics
  • Custom communications

About our work

“As always, John Graham is very helpful and skilled in crafting the right message.”  - Jim Townsend is CEO of Townsend Energy & Insurance, Danvers, Mass.

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